Rosemary, also known as Waikiki in the music industry, is a force of nature, a symbol of beauty and resilience, just like the island of Hawaii. She is an artist singer-songwri
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Rosemary, also known as Waikiki in the music industry, is a force of nature, a symbol of beauty and resilience, just like the island of Hawaii. She is an artist singer-songwriter who lives in Norway. She is also CEO of Mountain Music record label and Waikiki Entertainment, an event management company. Her songs are like a breath of fresh salted island air, taking you to the ocean. She writes about the passion of life, hoping to express joy, enlightenment & making a connection with the listener. She writes mainstream catchy, hooky, happy songs. The productions are always electronic, melodic, EDM, and kicking drumbeats. Each track has become a favorite for the music enthusiast. While Rosemary lives in Norway, her craft is listened to worldwide and she travels for her music when offered invitations to perform in other countries. When not working, Waikiki likes to enjoy little things in life, read, and listen to the teachings of enlightenment. Moreover, she loves indulging in golf and riding horses in her free time. She has made a point to marvel at the phenomenon that life is, counting her blessings. She is an extraordinarily down-to-earth and humble artist, no matter how established she is in the music industry. She doesn't forgo any opportunity to make a change in other people's lives and is big on sustainability. During her years in the industry, she has made many friends, and her journey has been exciting. She was the firstborn in her family, which has a military background— she grew up in Monterey, California, and then on the island of Maui, Hawaii. While working for United Airlines and later Delta Airlines as a flight attendant, she travelled the world and learned a lot about cultures and people. After some years of service, she felt she must complete her education which she discontinued after her freshmen year, due to the fantastic opportunity to see the world. After returning to higher education at the University of Hawaii, she won a local beauty contest that landed her a contract with an agency for modelling in Japan. Her career took off as she worked in Japan as a model, which was the beginning of her journey as a model, actress and singer, causing a profound impact on her future. Since she spoke Japanese proficiently, she was working in various roles for the big and small screen. Thus, this led her to become the first woman of color to become an actress in the Japanese media industry. She aimed to work in Europe; with her agent's help, she was booked for shows across Europe as a Jazz Singer. Chapter Norway: Norway is a significant part of her life in building her career, giving her recognition and experiences. Initially, she collaborated with American Embassy, and due to this fortunate alliance, she started landing high-profile gigs. She was well-received in the entertainment industry for her unique vocals, charismatic style, and the fact she was a model/jazz singer. In this time, she landed some notable gigs where she got the opportunity to perform. Some mention-worthy is: Performing for "His Majesty the King's Guard" on Independence Day, representing American Embassy in Norway. During the Winter Olympics in 1994, in Lillehammer, she performed for Atomic Ski. Atomic Ski had sponsored winning Lasse Kjus for an Olympic Gold Medal. She performed at the "Red Carpet Oscar Award Afterparty." She and dancers performed "a flower lei ceremony" on the Red Carpet for the directors, actors, and actresses of the historical film "Kon-Tiki." The performance was followed by the win of the second nomination for an Oscar originally created by Thor Heyerdahl. Soon she was getting noticed for her exceptional songwriting skill, and a clear accolade was signing the contract with publishers BMG Management Rights (Scandinavia). BMG was signing the contract with publishers BMG Management Rights (Scandinavia). BMG secured her an offer with three record labels out of England, Sweden, and Norway for her 1st release, "Maui No Ka Oi." Waikiki accepted to sign a two single release record deal with EMI Warner Chappell in Norway. Learning Her Way Through Industry: Like most music industries of the world, In Norway, the invisible gatekeepers play a favouritism and narcissism game. Unless you have friends or connections in the right circles, your budding career can be part of doom within seconds. Head A&R executive Eivind Rølles signed Waikiki because she had written a worldwide hit with her first release. He genuinely wanted her to be successful in Norway; hence he became her mentor and taught her the ropes. Due to reservations for foreigners and a not-so-hostile environment, he taught her how to get past all retaliation and get accepted. Rosemary said, "I experienced a complex network of closet-racism in the music industry on all levels. It was a game where some would systematically sabotage your career journey in an instant or over a period of time "However, there were always Norwegians that would offer insight on how to get past obstacle & haters affiliated in the music industry.” Global Fame: Her single "Maui No Ka Oi" gathered fame and took her places; she soon got attention across Europe and America. Her single, produced by the renowned producers of Dream World Production from Malmo, Sweden, was then featured for the soundtrack of a famous prime time American T.V. Series "Bay Watch, Hawaii. "Since her single became a hit across Europe, especially France. She made the V.G. List and she began to appear frequently for Norwegian media, but she was invited to France for numerous television appearances because the Europeans loved her concept. In particular, shows where she was invited to perform on European T.V. programs with the famous Antoine De Caunes of Paris, France, a noteworthy mention. It was definitely a roller coaster ride with her single "Maui No Ka Oi.” With her second single, "Paradise," the single was released in Tokyo, Japan, the collaboration between JVC & EMI earned the title Platinum. It sparked a discussion between EMI, JVC & BMG for the album deal, but lack of funds got the better of the situation. After her contract was up with EMI, BMG advised Waikiki to create her own music label and continue writing songs with BMG Management Rights (Scandinavia). Waikiki Music Label released their first two singles, "Pina Colada" and "Side of Fire," both releasing in Norway and making it to the Scandinavian Top 100 Dance Chart Hits. "Pina Colada" was Top 30 Norwegian Radio List for weeks. Later, other experiences that gave her a lot of insight and experience were her performance tours to Norwegian military base camps', Norwegian Oil Platforms at the North Sea by the Government. The group also travelled to Kosovo and Macedonia to entertain KFOR Forces of United Nations posted for security. Waikiki and the dancers were applauded and appreciated for their effort to travel in a danger zone regardless and entertain the troops. American Army Commander Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez presented Waikiki and the Dancers with a special medal for their bravery and heroic. Waikiki said, "The experience was dangerous yet educational; I learned and experienced first-hand how our soldiers are securing our borders, for our freedom.” Changing Tides for Waikiki: Waikiki was approached by the director of the Kon-Tiki Museum to be the executive producer of the "Polynesian Cultural Show," which was created for Kon-Tiki Museum's private corporate functions. Thor Heyerdahl, who was living in Europe, recognized the effort. He gave his permission that the "Polynesian Cultural Show" to be named "Waikiki and the Kon-Tiki Dancers." Waikiki and the dancers stayed under contract with the museum for over a decade. Waikiki also benefited from the opportunity to work with top agencies in Norway, like Stageway and Circus Events, where she appeared and performed on various T.V. shows and high-end events. She & dancers often performed as a warm-up act during corporate and high-end events. She & dancers often performed as a warm-up act during corporate events for the late Jahn Teigen. In 2008, from Universal Music, Waikiki's family purchased record label Music Mountain AS, a Universal's subsidiary company. Notably, the company had a back catalogue of Norwegian A-listed artists. With her family's support, she could continue releasing songs with positive vibes at a better advantage. Waikiki began releasing songs with more freedom and a sense of ownership, which was reflected in her songs; hence her listeners were largely entertained. She shared her vision by releasing single after single of mood-lifting, melodic, electronic productions, and joy while hoping to connect with the listener. Cannes: With a new spring in her steps and life that Mountain Music blew in her soul, she began attending the MIDEM Music Conference in Cannes. These conferences are held annually at Cannes, France, and she gained more recognition as an artist and songwriter. During one of the conferences, she met "Stick Music," a renowned French Label, who was interested in the French version of one of her singles. The same year she recorded in Paris a French version of "Pina Colada"- Electronic Dance. She was then released as a French singing artist in France, collaborating with Stick Music Label, and as hoped, it became a hit. French audience received the song well, and the single experienced massive airplay across French Territories. China MIDEM Conference got her global attention, and that included China too. In December of 2017, she performed in Chengdu, China, after receiving an invitation from agents for the Chinese Government. She also was fortunate to perform at the Silk Road Indie Music Festival 2017, which hosted fifteen countries in the event. Naturally, she was representing Norway and received the award for "Outstanding Performance.” Hula Ce Soir: With this song, Waikiki gained instant fans for its bright, euphoric quality associated with EDM. Her productions were combing tropical, melodic vibes with futuristic synths and cutting- edge house beats. The exotic lyrics and melody would the listeners straight to Maui. The fresh English & French single remix received excellent worldwide airplay. The song was Number 2 on WRS Radio in Holland, Number 1 on Absolut FM Radio in Amsterdam. For Waikiki, the radio hit in Holland was a game-changer. Waikiki in Pandemic 2020 When the world was shutting down in the year 2020 due to the Novel Virus, Waikiki, during the lockdown, kept her creative juices flowing by releasing several new singles and music videos to support each new single. Midnight Taboo, Pina Colada and a new mix of Hula Ce Soir – Tropical House, were the creations from lockdown. Don Meakins, her producer from England, created awesome productions that captured her musical spirit. She then used her years of experience and skill to create the videos herself for visional support. The self-learning process was tedious; however, she nailed it, and determination and focus gave her the breakthrough she needed. She was finally on the radar as she began showing impressive stats with Spotify and excellent airplay worldwide. Spotify claimed, "Midnight Taboo was the single that never stopped moving all over the world”. Music blogger Planet hailed "Hula Ce Soir," a masterwork. In February 2021, the new single, "Catch A Wave with Me"- Pop/ Tropical House, was released. So far, good stats continue with Spotify & worldwide airplay. Her top 3 countries audience is U.S., Germany & England. She is set to release her album this year, "Maui No Ka Oi," with the hope to bring a piece of South Pacific vibes to everyone with her catchy Island vibes and pop infusion; her music is here to stay. Waikiki's future looks promising. In November 2020, she was invited to become a board member of Norsk Artist Forbund after winning the election. She is also a member of GRAMO.STIM, FONO, BMI, BMG Publishing, Orchard /Sony and Music Diffusion. She is popular on various social media: F.B. Waikiki Entertainment @WaikikiMusic. Her She is popular on various social media: F.B. Waikiki Entertainment @WaikikiMusic. Her videos are widely viewed for the burst of color and art; they represent her culture and Maui. Check her YouTube channel: Waikiki Entertainment. Waikiki is a true gem, a human with a big heart and empathy in general. She wishes to help rising new talents come out and get opportunities from Mountain Music. She wishes for everyone to achieve their goals in life with much possible ease. If she could make the process easier in any way, she goes out of her way to help people out. Her heart is genuinely like a Maui sunset showing a purple flash just as it disappears into the sea. Waikiki is signed with Mountain Music, BMG Management Rights (Scandinavia) Performance Rights,BMI, Distribution: MusicDiffusion & Orchard / Sony. With social media you can find her various interviews, links to video, and other media platforms; here are a few: !


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